WAVETOGET- The loyalty card that guarantees Loyal customers!

2017-11-15 12:42:17

InfoEmpire is thrilled tо provide your business this exciting, one of a kind service: personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards.

It is an amazing product which will make sure that your company has new customers and also make sure that your previous customers will always come back

How does it operate?

InfoEmpire provides you with personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards which contain your company’s information and logo, loaded with virtual dollars. This means the dollars can only be used when buying from your enterprises and can only be activated when the customer starts buying. This ensures that you don’t lose any money. You are at liberty to choose the amount on the card be it $10, $20 or $50 which can be used only with the services and products provided by your company.

How does it help to increase business?

It will attract and cause new clients to make use of this special discount/offer, can only be redeemed at your business and will spur previous clients to come back in order to use the card another time! You can decide to provide those who use the card with “points” implying that they can still save in the future!!

It can also be used as gifts to previous clients, friends, businesses and so on and so forth.

How will it help to save money?

This card will serve as an advertisement and promotional tool so long as it isn’t used to buy products or hire services. It is a type of business card which will be in people’s pockets as they move around! You could save a lot of money which you were to use in the printing of business cards!

Do they have added advantages?

Yes, they do. They can be used for companies run by both Americans and Canadians which will go a long way to boost sales internationally.  

InfoEmpire's Booking Software

2017-11-08 15:53:18

InfoEmpire’s one of a kind booking software takes care of your booking needs be it for your patrons or for internal purposes making sure your business is perfectly organized. Businesses such as spas, restaurants, medical clinics, fitness centers as well as all businesses which book consultation benefit from making use of our booking software.

This software is not complicated and is made ready for your business. It can be customized to suit your needs and your desired features can be added to it. Added to its appealing and convenient nature, it can work to scale as well. It supports businesses of any size and is capable of handling any amount of activity.

Furthermore, it can also be integrated into any website and converts your existing websites into your business’ productive part. Visits or treatments are booked by your clients at any time and they can see all the listed appointments. A smoother booking process is also made available. Both the company and client receive notifications immediately after the booking has taken place. Ease your life now by ordering InfoEmpire’s booking software.

Host with InfoEmpire

2017-10-31 12:16:12

InfoEmpire is the best solution for those who do not like the company hosting their website or are just willing to make a change. All the businesses hosted by InfoEmpire are provided with rapid services and trustworthy servers at affordable prices. We choose a server which is closest to where you are physically in order to provide you with the fastest connection possible. In the event that you require the tweaking of your DNS records, we are glad to be of help. At InfoEmpire, we make use of multiple servers in order to ensure that there is always back up and also a reduction in the chances of interruptions in the servers. In the rare event that there is a server failure, our highly skilled team will work continuously until a smile is put on the face of the customer. InfoEmpire supports websites of all sizes i.e. from a small business to corporations which are at the enterprise level. Don’t think twice and include our hosting service on your shopping list today!

Quality Programming

2017-10-24 11:41:55

We make use of the most recent trends and also inquire about the most recent technological advancement at InfoEmpire in order to make sure your business is always up to date and has advanced functionality. We try our utmost best to augment the workflow of your business by making practical and fast solutions available to you which you can use on your product databases, online store, blogs, directories, online job applications, online newsletters, online transactions, online advertising, online job listing, online communities which have content submitted by users (such as forums), content management systems and so much more.

We are so excited to provide you with custom features which will suit your wants and needs alongside the promotion of your enterprise making it more popular online. All this will be carried out with inflexible stability in order to ensure that it is used more.

Is OpenCart Suitable for Your Business

2017-10-18 16:16:32

Even though those who sell anything benefit a lot if they create and run an online store enabling them to increase their customer base, it is a very tricky task to choosing the perfect platform which will provide you and your enterprise with what you desire.

You’d love to have a platform which supports the most common methods of payment, several languages, several currencies and frequently updates the way in which its back-end works providing clients with better processing and services whose designs can be customized.

Several platforms exist which fulfill all the above requirement but what InfoEmpire suggests is that you should make use of OpenCart. OpenCart fulfills all the above requirement added to the fact that it is standalone, lightweight, can be installed easily, used easily and above all, is FREE of charge.

You may spend a little cash only on its extensions. A majority of these extensions are offered free of charge but when you want your business to have a specific customized setting such as the affixing of shipping rates according to the radius distance or by weight groups etc., there might be a need for you to buy an extension. This is not the case with most businesses who make use of the free extensions when adding additional functionality options to their online stores, so they use the OpenCart platform free of charge.

OpenCart presents online stores with an open source solution and also supports the ownership several stores per website. A majority of OpenCart themes are already designed to be mobile-optimized, responsive and can be altered to suit the design needs you require. The products found in your store or number of categories have no limits and it is void of hidden fees too.