What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Website

2018-04-06 15:40:36

In this modern age, business owners are encouraged to have websites or some kind of online presence through social media. The people who don't get involved will make assumptions about running websites. They may think that the marketing is too costly or too complicated to understand. However, there are many more advantages to having a website than not having one. Here are the main reasons why you miss out by not investing in one.

Online Marketing

By having a website, your business will have a platform that represents its brand. Customers are more likely to know about your business if you have an online presence, at that starts with having a website. You can promote your business and have potential customers be directed to your website from other sources. Websites are easy to update so it is important you have a place customers can visit to see all of your latest products, services, and any important information. A website is a place to show what your business is about, what it offers, and being able to communicate to customers. Nowadays, without a website its likely that many shoppers may not even know that your business exists. 

Attention From Online Consumers

More people are buying products and services online than they were several decades ago. Executives of companies like Facebook and Amazon are making billions of dollars solely from online activities. Stores that were originally brick and mortar are now moving their operations to the Web.

If your business does not make this move, as well, you could miss out on thousands of new potential customers. They find it easier, faster and more convenient to shop over the Internet than visit a store in person. Without a website, you miss out on having this steady stream of customers who are always looking for cheaper prices and wider selections. 

Open Availability

Traditional businesses have opening and closing hours, so customers must revolve their lives around the store's schedule. In fact, many customers complain about stores that open too late or close too early. With a Web-based business, your products and services are available at any time of the day. 

People visit e-commerce stores during the holidays and do not worry about long lines. Buying products online is faster than doing so in the store. On many sites, they also have access to 24/7 customer support. 

Today's shoppers now revolve their buying habits around the Internet. If they plan to walk into a store, they may prefer to look for discounts online first. Some people buy certain items on websites only. This goes for services too, shoppers are likely to research the variety of services best suited for their needs before making a decision. It's important for your business to have a website in order for shoppers to be able to know your business may be suitable for their needs. It's recommended that nearly every business owner have a website and digital marketing campaign running. You'll benefit from having access to more customers, which leads to more profits and more successful results for your business. At Infoempire Inc. we specialize in web design, contact us today to create the website of your dreams for your business!

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

2018-03-30 13:48:39

Are you a business owner who is interested in learning the best way to advertise? There are several methods available, including the traditional and the digital. You can make use of the old fashioned method. But if you really want to take your sales and profits to a whole new level, it's time to modernize your approach.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves the art and technique of advertising your goods on the world wide web. Making use of modern SEO techniques is the best way to promote your business. Instead of paying big bucks for traditional advertising methods, you can save a great deal of money and reach a great many more people by using the web.

By using the web as your marketing venue, you can streamline your online advertising operations. Every aspect of your campaign can be meticulously planned. Taking full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing is the right way to advertise in the modern age.

Why Waste Your Time With Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing involves all of the methods that are associated with the old ways of marketing. In former times, if you wanted to advertise your business, you had to buy space in newspapers or magazines. You could also buy ad time on your local radio and TV stations.

Advertising in this fashion was highly inefficient. You never knew if your ad would get a positive response from your public until days or weeks afterward. It would take weeks just to figure out if your sales were peaking as a result of your ad. Meanwhile, placing the ads cost a fortune.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

There are many reasons why digital marketing is more beneficial than traditional marketing. You don't have to pay a huge amount of money to mount an SEO marketing campaign on the web. Also, you don't have to wait weeks to learn what the results are from your campaign. These are only a few of the many benefits of digital marketing.

With modern web marketing, all you have to do is come up with the content that you want to feature. The moment you create it, you can post it. You will know immediately if your marketing content hits the right note with your audience. There is no tedious waiting for results. Marketing on the web is the smart way to offer your goods to the public.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2018-03-22 14:13:45

You can have the most wonderful products or services in the world, but you're going to get the kind of attention you want online without an effective search engine optimization strategy. At InfoEmpire, we develop and implement comprehensive SEO techniques geared towards improving visibility, boosting brand awareness, and encouraging website traffic and engagement.

Building On Your Existing Marketing Efforts

Optimization for search engines is only going to work if it's based on a solid understanding of client goals. We'll get you started by assessing where you stand now with your optimization efforts. We'll then come up with a plan that's based on your online marketing goals and priorities. For many of our clients, this means putting together a comprehensive plan that includes:

• Clearly identifying the target audience

• Seeing what competitors are already doing to target to same audience

• Careful monitoring and tracking of results

Offering Affordable, Performance-Based SEO Services

Following an initial assessment of where your business stands now in terms of online visibility and engagement, there are a variety of search engine optimization solutions we can offer to address your ranking issues and deficiencies. We provide both on-page services that include:

• Optimizing your website content for easy readability (e.g., relevant headers and subheads, short, concise paragraphs, bullet lists)

• Correcting issues with page speed, page layout, and user experience that could affect ranking results

• Regularly updating the design of your site

• Making your site more appealing to mobile visitors

• Ensuring that your site has the proper level of security (Google prefers HTTPS sites)

• Effectively using internal links

• Using appropriate meta tags and descriptions

• Optimizing individual landing pages

• Ensuring your pages have a proper URL structure 

At InfoEmpire, we're just as committed to providing Google-compliant off-page optimization services. This refers to the things we can do to drive more traffic to your site and improve your brand's overall visibility and reputation. In addition to relevant link-building activities, our off-page capabilities include:

• Social outreach and social bookmarking

• Optimizing directory listings

• Effectively utilizing and optimizing blog content

• Selecting keywords based on searchers' intent

• Researching keywords used in paid search campaigns

Harness the power of search engine optimization in a way that makes sense for your business and budget by putting the team from InfoEmpire to work for you. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO, website design, and online marketing services.

WAVETOGET- The loyalty card that guarantees Loyal customers!

2017-11-15 12:42:17

InfoEmpire is thrilled t? provide your business this exciting, one of a kind service: personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards.

It is an amazing product which will make sure that your company has new customers and also make sure that your previous customers will always come back

How does it operate?

InfoEmpire provides you with personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards which contain your company’s information and logo, loaded with virtual dollars. This means the dollars can only be used when buying from your enterprises and can only be activated when the customer starts buying. This ensures that you don’t lose any money. You are at liberty to choose the amount on the card be it $10, $20 or $50 which can be used only with the services and products provided by your company.

How does it help to increase business?

It will attract and cause new clients to make use of this special discount/offer, can only be redeemed at your business and will spur previous clients to come back in order to use the card another time! You can decide to provide those who use the card with “points” implying that they can still save in the future!!

It can also be used as gifts to previous clients, friends, businesses and so on and so forth.

How will it help to save money?

This card will serve as an advertisement and promotional tool so long as it isn’t used to buy products or hire services. It is a type of business card which will be in people’s pockets as they move around! You could save a lot of money which you were to use in the printing of business cards!

Do they have added advantages?

Yes, they do. They can be used for companies run by both Americans and Canadians which will go a long way to boost sales internationally.  

InfoEmpire's Booking Software

2017-11-08 15:53:18

InfoEmpire’s one of a kind booking software takes care of your booking needs be it for your patrons or for internal purposes making sure your business is perfectly organized. Businesses such as spas, restaurants, medical clinics, fitness centers as well as all businesses which book consultation benefit from making use of our booking software.

This software is not complicated and is made ready for your business. It can be customized to suit your needs and your desired features can be added to it. Added to its appealing and convenient nature, it can work to scale as well. It supports businesses of any size and is capable of handling any amount of activity.

Furthermore, it can also be integrated into any website and converts your existing websites into your business’ productive part. Visits or treatments are booked by your clients at any time and they can see all the listed appointments. A smoother booking process is also made available. Both the company and client receive notifications immediately after the booking has taken place. Ease your life now by ordering InfoEmpire’s booking software.