Profit Strategy: What Your Business Needs Now to Achieve Its Goals!

2017-03-23 15:53:05

Profit is the goal of every business. What separates companies that make money from those that fail?

Getting new customers, increasing current customer value, and keeping marketing expenses low are crucial elements in meeting profit goals. We surveyed over 2,300 small businesses across North America. Analysis of the data showed that small business profits fall into three basic categories.

Profitable and Expanding – 29%

These businesses are realizing large profit margins, and are reinvesting revenue into growing their companies. One quality these businesses share is a working business plan that clearly defines their goals and policies. They use their plan as the foundation for daily strategies and business activities. Employee accountability is generally high. At this level, marketing budgets average 15% of gross spending.

Low or Negative Profit – 52%

Most of the businesses we surveyed generated little or no profit. In general, there was no business plan in place, or their plan had become outdated and forgotten. Business decisions were made indifferently, and actions lacked full commitment. Marketing investments were around 5% of gross revenue.

Near Bankruptcy or Closure – 19%

Failed businesses accounted for a large portion of surveyed companies. A lack of marketing investment and almost no business plan were two major factors in the failure of these firms. Many of these businesses invested less than 1% of gross revenue to marketing efforts.  A common theme around this group was "marketing is not a priority" or "we could not afford the marketing expense"    

From the survey information, we can see that the roadmap to success is simple. The first step is to build a realistic, workable business plan that includes an economic action plan. Review the plan periodically, and adjust it to fit changing circumstances. Find ways to incorporate key parts of the plan into your daily business routines. Stick with your plan, and you will consistently outperform your competition. The second step is to invest in marketing campaigns and strategies that will get you noticed, engage your target audience, and convert them into paying customers.

While it is important to keep budgets low, not spending enough on marketing can mean death to your small business. The most successful businesses we looked at spent much more than their less profitable counterparts. Effective marketing is crucial to increasing sales.

At InfoEmpire, our purpose is to help small businesses make more money. We have thousands of happy customers all over North America in 29 different industries. Our proven strategy helps you get new customers and increase the value of current clients while reducing your marketing costs.

Our consultants work with you to custom design marketing strategies that bring maximum results and profits. The minimum average ROI (return on investment) is an astronomical 530%. The math speaks for itself!

Why spend more for the same results? Our costs are lower and our results are better! You can achieve the same results as the profitable and expanding businesses, at a lower cost.


Call us at 1-877-482-4678, or visit us online. Let us show you how to take your business to the next level and beyond!

What Business Are You Really In?

2017-03-08 16:36:57

Marketing gets more competitive by the minute.  Established brands compete with startups, local brands test their muscle against each other and their national competitors, each out to attract new customers and keep their loyal ones close.  How can your organization make its value clear in such a chaotic landscape? By asking one simple question: What business are you really in?

Harley-Davidson, a brand etched in the American consciousness, asked itself this question and the answer was both surprising and key to its marketing success.  The answer wasn't "We are in the motorcycle business," although that is certainly true.  The answer was "We are in the Bad-Ass Identity business." They realized that the motorcycles are more than just steel and plastic. They're symbols in the public consciousness of a certain kind of freedom, resistance to authority, and individuality. By focusing their marketing efforts to consolidate and amplify this message, Harley-Davidson remains a global giant. 

If you step back from your organization and ask this question, what will the answer be? Don't just think about the product and services you offer. Consider how your customers feel when they purchase from you, what intangible needs you are meeting for them, what kind of image you help them reinforce.  Are you empowering your customers to have a certain kind of life? Are you helping them overcome certain kinds of obstacles? Re-tooling your marketing efforts to address these subtle issues will give your brand new depth as it engages customers' emotions.

Economists know that customer purchases are guided more by historical experience, mood and emotional state than by strict utility.  Just as Harley-Davidson's brand was re-born by realizing its emotional appeal to customers, your organization's answer to the question, "What business are you really in?" can revolutionize your brand, your marketing campaign and your bottom line.

Once you had determined the answer to this key questions for your business, let the marketing begin!  InfoEmpire is a leading North American marketing brand for digital and off-line marketing services for over 16 years.  Our scope of work, expertise and proven results, make us an invaluable asset to your organization.   Let us know how we can help take your brand to the next level and you will be surprised how much you can achieve without breaking the bank.  

InfoEmpire Announces Corporate Expansion and US Job Creation Initiative

2016-12-21 14:44:02

We would like to formally welcome Anthony Smith to the InfoEmpire family.  Anthony was named Director of Sales for the United States market.  His primary role will be to launch WaveToGet, a versatile customer loyalty and marketing program designed for small businesses.  


Mr. Smith brings over 12 years of sales experience to InfoEmpire Inc.  Anthony’s previous roles included Sales Manager for Britesmile Inc. from 2004-2010 and more recently Anthony helped create a sales tidal wave for JP Morgan Chase's expansion into the State of Florida in 2010-2014.  This track record of sales success is believed to be an invaluable asset to our family. 


Anthony says: "I am very excited about this opportunity with InfoEmpire.  We look forward to building relationships with small businesses throughout the United States and working with them to bring in new customers and retain existing ones. At the same time we will be immediately creating 150-200 new jobs this upcoming year, right here in the United States”.


InfoEmpire is a privately held corporation with over 16 years of digital marketing experience.  Based out of Toronto, Canada, InfoEmpire serves over 25 industries and hundreds of businesses throughout Canada and United States.  InfoEmpire’s US Head Quarters are located in Boca Raton, FL at 301 Yamato Road Unit #1240.  For any inquiries you may contact InfoEmpire Toll Free at (877) 482-4678 or

Video Production For Your Business

2016-08-26 11:43:24

InfoEmpire is all about giving your business the solutions it needs to increase sales, get more customers and retain your current customers. We are happy to provide any of our services to help a business achieve that. One of those services is video production.

Video production is a great way to easily integrate a brand in a demonstration in the form of a high-quality video. We can add special effects, customize it to your liking, use high quality images and footage with our professional grade cameras. After we perfect the product we can work on marketing it on social media. Posting it on YouTube can bring you new customers in no time, more views mean a greater chance for the viewer to look at your business information and decide whether or not they want to use your services.

There are many types of video campaigns that InfoEmpire can help your business with. Videos that present your existing services/ products, video testimonials, videos of people handling your product, demonstration of a new service/ product, engaging flash animations, virtual tours of your office/ clinic and many more!

Contact InfoEmpire today to find out more about our video production service!

Web Content and Its Importance

2016-08-19 12:19:47

For your business website, having relevant and unique content is key. Sometimes placing your normal about us page, product pages and so on won't give you great SEO scores in terms of having enough content on your website.

InfoEmpire recommends adding a blog to your website. A blog can be a series of articles relating to your industry, personal thoughts and ideas by the owner, recommendations on behalf of your business and more. The main goal is to place enough keywords on your blog while maintaining logical content that can be actually helpful to the reader.

To make the reader's experience even more helpful here are a few more features you can include on your blog page:

  • A search bar. Having the ability to search through your blog posts can be extremely helpful to the reader who might be looking for specific information on something.
  • Share buttons. The ability to share your content on social media platforms is highly recommended. Each blog post should have social media sharing buttons that will share an excerpt of the blog post to the reader's friends. This could help the exposure of your business and brand.
  • Comment feature. While making sure spammers are taken care of with captcha validation, having the ability to comment on your blog posts can increase communication between your clients and your business. This could help you understand what your clients are looking for and you can be ahead of the game by reaching out to them and providing them with what they need.
  • Related posts. Having the ability to quickly navigate to related posts (whether based on topic/ category/ popularity – this can increase the odds of the reader staying on the page.

In the next article, InfoEmpire will provide you with some tips about SEO and design on your business website. Remember - InfoEmpire is happy to help your business by building you a website, as well as providing any of the other services we expertise in.