10 Tips to Keep Your Customers Happy

Many sellers do business with the mindset of once a sale is complete the client it’s time to search for a new client, resulting in the first client being forgotten about. This is a big mistake. Successful entrepreneurs and trading enterprises ensure the customer gets the attention and care they deserve even post-transaction. Here are 10 tips to ensure you can always keep your customers happy:

Provide A High Level of Service
Constantly strive to improve the quality of customer service and ensure that the customer is always satisfied with the cooperation with your company. Ask yourself, what was the experience of the last client? What would have happened if this experience had been flawless? If your customers wanted to tell other people about your company, what would you like to hear?

Show How Important Your Customer Is
Organize your work in a way that satisfies not only the explicit but also the subconscious needs of your customer. Go above and beyond to show your appreciation for your customer. Use every opportunity to thank a customer for being a part of your business, transaction or not.

Listen To Your Customer
Listen carefully to your customers when they express their opinions or feelings. Ask open questions to get maximum feedback from the customer. Open questions imply a detailed answer, as well as show interest in the conversation and feedback. Listening is the key to customer trust and loyalty to your company.

Make Your Service Fast
One of the important points in your customer satisfaction policy is your determination to serve customers faster than your competitors. Remember that your best customers are always busy and they don't have time to wait. Quick response to the needs and problems of customers pleases and amazes them. The faster you serve customers and meet their needs, the more often and more willingly they will buy from you and will be loyal to your company.

Implementation Of Initiatives
For example, customer focus groups, customer survey cards, or a suggestion box. These initiatives inform customers that you are interested in their contribution.

Create A Pleasant Atmosphere
Emotions make a person stay, so make the environment of your product attractive and unforgettable. Customers will be willing to stay in the place that caused pleasant emotions. The strategy of short-term customer retention includes a factor that makes a customer stay, for example, Wi-Fi or a free cup of tea.

Create Offers for Regular Customers
Loyalty and rewards programs bring the company to the forefront among competitors in the eyes of its buyers. Gifts for large purchases will make the brand even more attractive, as well as promotions like "the sixth mug as a gift". Your loyalty program should be top-notch, so your company will become a priority in the eyes of regular customers. Guarantee them free delivery, send them information about discounts and favorable offers via SMS or email. Emphasize the importance of customers for you by reposting reviews of satisfied customers and thank them for purchases.

Individualize Your Customers
Enter your customers into a database, note their preferences and information. This way you will highlight regular customers and reward them, provide them with a VIP membership, congratulate them on holidays, or be the first to inform them about promotions. There should be other communication channels as well, such as phones, social networks, etc., that are always available to the client.

Satisfaction Guarantee
In January 1990, the Hampton Inns Hotel began to advertise a quality guarantee. A study of the opinion showed that more than 85% of guests found the quality of service guarantees in the hotel attractive, considering it as one of the ten most important elements of the quality of services, and 40% of guests who used such a guarantee returned to the hotel shortly after to give it another chance. By offering such programs you gain trust and loyalty from both satisfied and unhappy customers.

Anything can be a brand, a trademark, a company, or a product. The main point is that the name of a specific product or service is well promoted. Consumers should have associations with the brand immediately appearing in their memory when they talk about the niche of the market. Accordingly, a person can also become a recognizable brand, at the mention of whose name, customers have a holistic positive image.

Remember, you can make a customer feel happy only if he or she feels special using your goods and services. Listen to what clients want, and then offer it.
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