Apple's New iOS 14 Update: How does it affect your business?

There are high chances that you are already aware of the new changes that are about to be implemented in the digital world as far as the new Apple iOS 14 update is concerned. Basically, the new update going to grant users the ability to directly control how they share their personal data. This means that companies and businesses receiving data from consumers will be affected. 

Here’s how the new update is going to affect your business:

1. Ad limitations

This is probably one of the major areas that will be affected by the new Apple iOS 14 update. This is because reach and frequency bidding will not be available anymore. Reach and frequency bidding were optional techniques for purchasing ads. 

2. Difference in website apps and formats 

After the new changes of the iOS 14 have taken effect, the format of website apps will completely change. This means that some websites and apps on Apple devices may be restricted from sending conversion information like leads, purchases, and carts. But you don’t have to worry because infoEmpire can easily help you adapt your website. 

InfoEmpire has the capacity to ensure that your website on Apple devices is not blocked by providing you with the right format. 

3. Unsupported events 

You are also going to experience situations where campaign ads will be turned off whenever you try to optimize for conversion events that haven’t been set as priorities for your domain. You cannot turn them on again after they have been turned off. This means that you will require at least eight-pixel events for every domain. This is also an area that InfoEmpire specializes in. 

4. Delayed reporting 

With the new updates, forget about real-time reporting. Moving forward, campaign results will now be reported depending on the time they get reported to Facebook and not the time they actually happened. 

In a nutshell, Apple’s new iOS 14 updates are going to affect your business in a number of ways. The best thing is to prepare for the changes by doing certain things: Getting to know your clients, verifying your domain, using Google Analytics, and seeking help from companies like InfoEmpire. 

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