How does the website design represent its functionality

The Importance of Website Design 

It's not enough to have a web page. To get the most from your website, you must design it to meet your target audience's expectations. 

Website design can be broken down into two main categories; informational and transactional. The former includes sites like Wikipedia and YouTube; the latter includes platforms such as Amazon and Facebook.

Different designs will work better for informational websites than transactional websites, so carefully consider which type will work best with yours!

Website Design Functionality

When designing your website, keep in mind how you want people to interact with it. Your call to action will play a significant role. Do you want them to buy something, sign up for a newsletter, or simply learn more about your company?  Your call to action must be easy for customers to see and understand what you want them to do. Most importantly, it should be front and center on your site.

Meeting the Target Audience's Needs

When creating an effective website design, it's vital to think about customer engagement and what your audience wants from your website.

When designing informational websites, you'll need to ensure the information you provide is helpful, engaging, and easy to understand. For example, if your company creates educational videos, they must be engaging for the user. With a target audience of children ages 0-12, a cartoon might draw them in more than text on a page.

If you have a transactional website, it's essential to consider how your target audience uses it. You'll also want to consider their motivations - perhaps they want something fast and easy to navigate so they can quickly find a product. 

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