Landing Pages: When and Why to Use Them

Landing pages are best described as individual website pages created for the purpose of marketing. Typically for specific marketing campaigns, landing pages are created to track target metrics and specific call-to-action. When ads are launched on external platforms, such as Google, Instagram, or Facebook, a landing page is used to track the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Why Use Landing Pages
Landing pages are an excellent way to lead current and prospective customers to certain offerings and promote them to take action. The best way to understand why you should use a landing page is to understand the potential benefits it can bring you. Some benefits of landing pages include:

• Increased conversation rates
• Improved brand awareness
• Lead generation
• Improved SEO
• Overall business growth
• Helps achieve marketing goals

You may be wondering why not just direct visitors to existing web pages. Well, it’s likely you already have daily visitors to your web pages; especially if you have active social media accounts, external links, and previous directories to certain web pages. Having active visitors on existing pages will limit the ability to determine accurate analytics. Additionally, landing pages are created for a specific goal; your existing web pages may be quite generic and widespread that may not allow you to achieve your marketing goals as would a customized landing page.

When to Use Landing Pages?
If you are ready to launch a new product, want to promote a specific service, or simply want to bring awareness to your customers, a landing page would be great to use. Landing pages are a popular choices for the following paid ad campaigns:

• Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
• Good AdWords
• Email Blasts
• PPC Ads

Additionally, landing pages are also used for free promotions or organic campaigns, such as:

• Free offers
• Personalized quotes
• Consultation
• Event invitation
• Product launch

Landing pages are a beneficial component for your online campaigns that will help increase the effectiveness of your marketing goals. At Infoempire we’ve specialized in web design and web marketing for over two decades. If you are looking create a landing page for your campaign, contact us today to speak to a specialist about designing a custom landing page for your business. 

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