What Your Website Needs in 2021

Trends come and go. Some are only here for a limited time while others make a mark and innovate the space. Websites are ever changing, and it’s quite simple nowadays to spot an outdated website. It's important to make your website a priority as it has a strong reflection on your business’s image. Here are a few things your website needs in 2021 to really stand out.

Being User Friendly
Gone are the days of websites that are difficult or confusing to navigate. Convenience is a top priority for users nowadays, thus, it is essential to have a website that gives users a simple and comfortable experience. In order to have a user-friendly website, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

- Navigation
- Simple forms
- Adaptability
- Accessibility

Having a mobile friendly website falls hand in hand with usability. If your website is not mobile friendly in 2021, make that a priority now. More than 50% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices, a website that is not mobile friendly may possibly turn away potential customers.

Implementing Smart Video
The use of video is becoming more popular nowadays in many aspects, including a website. Users enjoy videos because they are engaging. Adding video to your web page can better describe your message and create a more enjoyable experience for your website visitors.

The Importance of a Proper Font
Although font seems like such a minuscule detail, the reality is that your web page’s font can really affect the whole flow and interaction with your website. Implementing bold fonts can help with emphasis while using contrasting colors can allow for simple readability. Assure that the font on your website is the right size, color, and style that allows for an ease of usability.

Staying Ahead with Virtual Assistance
Nothing irks a customer more than a lengthy process for finding a simple answer. Introducing virtual assistance for your website can create a straightforward experience for consumers. Whether customers need help with an order, have an inquiry, or a simple clarification, virtual assistance can provide your website users with quick solutions that bring them satisfaction and a good impression of your business.

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