Why Text Message (SMS) Marketing is So Effective for Small Businesses

What is SMS marketing? 

SMS marketing is the process of sending promotions, time-sensitive offers, or notifications to existing or prospective customer via mobile phone. Texting is one of the proven strategies small businesses can market their products and services. 

How does SMS marketing work? 

For you to send marketing messages to your customers through text, there must be consent from them to get such messages. This can be achieved via content entries, op-in forms, or by signing up for loyalty reward programs. InfoEmpire is one of the popular companies that can help you with effective SMS marketing. 

Here are some of the reasons why SMS marketing is so effective for small businesses: 

1. Ability to market your customers from anywhere 

The COVID-19 pandemic generally changed how customers interact with businesses. Most businesses are struggling to get customers to purchase from them. This is where SMS marketing comes in. Statistics show that 75 percent of people regularly check their phones for discounts. This means that you stand a lot of chance to market your business through SMS marketing.

2. Most customers prefer texts 

66 percent of people prefer mobile messaging when it comes to communication with brands. By talking to customers in a way that they prefer, you are likely to build stronger relationships with them. 

3. It is a personalize approach 

SMS marketing is a personalized approach of communication. It gives you a chance to create personalized messages and deliver them in a personalized manner. You can talk to professional marketing companies like InfoEmpire on how to create personalized messages. 

4. It is more affordable 

While big brands may have a lot of money for marketing purposes, SMS marketing has proven to be more effective compared to traditional marketing. All you need is to make a small investment in an SMS marketing tool and the results will be amazing. 

There are also companies like InfoEmpire that specialize in different marketing strategies. They will assist you to craft an effective SMS marketing plan that will lead to increased sales. In a nutshell, SMS marketing is a personalized marketing strategy that has helped many small businesses grow. 

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