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Mobile App Development

Infoempire focuses on providing both cost efficient and extremely powerful mobile applications to small and large businesses. We use cutting edge technology to provide the most up to date techniques to market your business.

Apps mobile media marketing will brings your business into the hands of millions of mobile internet users through your application. By the end of this year, more consumers will access the internet through their mobile devices than desktops and laptops. Keep your business a step ahead of the competition by acquiring a mobile strategy for your business. Make sure your company is ready for the new generation users.

Our app development services include the following:

  • Mobile strategy and consulting
  • Unique creative design
  • User interface design
  • Software architecture design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment and publishing
  • Marketing consulting

We offer full app development services across all leading mobile platforms. Our native app development expertise encompasses IOS, Android and Windows platforms. Our creative user experience and development teams are trained extensively on the subtleties of each platform. We understand how to leverage the opportunities presented by each platform and they employ proven techniques for getting around the limitations of each platform.

Always you will own the source code and other intellectual property created during the project when you hire us to develop your mobile solutions. This way, you will avoid vendor lock-in and hidden licensing or usage fees.

In the beginning of mobile App development, in order to create an app you didn't need much of a background knowledge, as long as you knew the basics and could download tools or even take classes then you were able to create an app. However, app development has become popular and more skilled developers are wanted in order to create better apps.

Anyone can make an app but an app that will earn lots of money depends on some quality work. You are competing against people who have already won. In other words you are trying to make your app better than people who already have made the best apps.

Given the demand for good app developers, it is hard to hire someone who can come up with a good idea for an app. However, even if your app doesn't go big, learning to develop apps can be a useful skill and give you many opportunities in the future.

Apple and Google are the top two on the market for most popular software. Apple offers iOS for devices such an iPhone, and Google offers apps for devices such as Android. To become an app developer for Apple you would need to know how to run programming tools on a Mac computer. A fee of $99 would be paid for registering as a developer as well as the tools you would be using. Tools often used to create apps for iOS are programs such as Objective-C as well as Cocoa Touch, both programs well suitable for beginners. After the app is complete and tested, it will be sent to Apple for approval which can take a few weeks. If approved, it will later appear in the App Store.

Developing an app for an Android device requires a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. It is free to download the software development kit; however you will need to learn the programming language for Java. After having your app tested, it will be submitted to Google where a technical review will take place and then later appear in its Play store.