Above The Fold Is Where You Put Your Gold

2016-08-03 11:22:20

Before the long weekend InfoEmpire posted a blog post about what are our recommended website features for any business owner who wants to make their presence known on the web. Among the many things we wrote about, we mentioned how the website's header should include a recognizable logo and some kind of call to action – whether it is for a phone call conversion or a “buy now” button.

This article will explain how important it is to balance the important content you want in the “Above the Fold” part of your website with space. Cramming all possible information into that section can result in a messy and hard to read section of the website. It can cost you customers because they might lose interest when something looks so busy and illegible. Important information to include in the “Above the Fold” section would be a menu if your business is a restaurant, a slider or image that showcases what makes your business unique and exclusive. Your best-selling products can be included in the slider, favourite dishes and so on.

Another thing you can place in the “Above the Fold” section is information about your location or reviews/ testimonials for your business. We highly recommend video testimonials as they make your website more modern and also acts as further backing to the testimonials genuineness. InfoEmpire also recommends for the business to pay attention for upcoming holidays and special dates – you can use that opportunity to create promotions and deals which you can feature on the “Above the Fold” part of your website.

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