Breaking News: New Products in the Spotlight!

2016-08-09 15:47:03

In order to keep the suspense, we are breaking our series of “Website Features” articles for one post, considering we have new and exciting products available to use for business!

InfoEmpire added new promotional electronic loyalty cards that may be customized for your business needs. We recommend it to be used in the beauty salon, spa, medical spa and clinic businesses. It is a wonderful tool that will guarantee to entice your clientele to become a member and keep coming back. The loyalty card will help you increase your sales by promoting sales, discounts and other gifts to your loyal clients.

InfoEmpire also added to its product line promotional electronic rewards cards that can also be customized for any business. These cards can be very helpful for businesses like coffee shops and restaurants. It can attract more customers with rewards for coming back, and discount plans. Increase your business sales by rewarding your customers with points that can be also converted into dollars they can use at your restaurant or free coffee rewards they can claim at your coffee shop. Much like the loyalty card, this card will also get your customers to come back more and more. Especially if you pair the cards with a gift, a reward system or some kind of a discount plan.

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