Web Content and Its Importance

2016-08-19 12:19:47

For your business website, having relevant and unique content is key. Sometimes placing your normal about us page, product pages and so on won't give you great SEO scores in terms of having enough content on your website.

InfoEmpire recommends adding a blog to your website. A blog can be a series of articles relating to your industry, personal thoughts and ideas by the owner, recommendations on behalf of your business and more. The main goal is to place enough keywords on your blog while maintaining logical content that can be actually helpful to the reader.

To make the reader's experience even more helpful here are a few more features you can include on your blog page:

  • A search bar. Having the ability to search through your blog posts can be extremely helpful to the reader who might be looking for specific information on something.
  • Share buttons. The ability to share your content on social media platforms is highly recommended. Each blog post should have social media sharing buttons that will share an excerpt of the blog post to the reader's friends. This could help the exposure of your business and brand.
  • Comment feature. While making sure spammers are taken care of with captcha validation, having the ability to comment on your blog posts can increase communication between your clients and your business. This could help you understand what your clients are looking for and you can be ahead of the game by reaching out to them and providing them with what they need.
  • Related posts. Having the ability to quickly navigate to related posts (whether based on topic/ category/ popularity – this can increase the odds of the reader staying on the page.

In the next article, InfoEmpire will provide you with some tips about SEO and design on your business website. Remember - InfoEmpire is happy to help your business by building you a website, as well as providing any of the other services we expertise in.

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