Website Solutions, The Long Awaited Continuation!

2016-08-12 16:25:19

Website Features article set returns with the “Below the Fold” and “Footer” Sections, this time – showing you what a successful business website would require to have in the lower parts of your website – that are not visible on load.

When looking into the below the fold and footer content – most people might think that any information can go there because it is not important. That is a common mistake as that information is extremely important. Most users are used to experience certain things when looking at a website's footer. For instance, people usually scroll down all the way to the footer to find contact information, privacy policies, terms and conditions, hours of operations, additional services, social media connection, careers section and so on. This is precisely why making sure that the below the fold and footer sections are well-planned.

For the below the fold section, we would recommend having unique and general characteristics of your service, product, business, location and so on. Having it displayed in point form or in a nice looking grid (preferably with some kind of graphics). We highly recommend placing textual content that will not just satisfy search engines because of its relevant and high-quality keywords- but will also be relevant and helpful information for the reader. Internal links within that content will help lead a visitor to internal pages of your website, therefore making sure the visitor stays on your website longer which statistically speaking increases the chances of a conversion.

In the footer section, as mentioned above, having vital information like contact information which can include the location address, phone number and email addresses, support/ business hours, social media buttons/links and possibly even a chat feature – can be greatly appreciated by the visitor and also provide helpful tools for the visitor to be enticed into dealing with your business. While keeping all of that in mind while construction your website's footer – we would also advise to include a footer navigation pane to the main/ most visited pages of your site as well as an invitation to sign up for a newsletter-this can be optional.

Not every business will need every single point we have mentioned on their website, but this is, in general, how the front page of a business website should appear. Stay tuned for the next article, as we go deeper into business websites and visit the topic of inner pages and their content. Have a brilliantly bright and sunny weekend!

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