What Business Are You Really In?

2017-03-08 16:36:57

Marketing gets more competitive by the minute.  Established brands compete with startups, local brands test their muscle against each other and their national competitors, each out to attract new customers and keep their loyal ones close.  How can your organization make its value clear in such a chaotic landscape? By asking one simple question: What business are you really in?

Harley-Davidson, a brand etched in the American consciousness, asked itself this question and the answer was both surprising and key to its marketing success.  The answer wasn't "We are in the motorcycle business," although that is certainly true.  The answer was "We are in the Bad-Ass Identity business." They realized that the motorcycles are more than just steel and plastic. They're symbols in the public consciousness of a certain kind of freedom, resistance to authority, and individuality. By focusing their marketing efforts to consolidate and amplify this message, Harley-Davidson remains a global giant. 

If you step back from your organization and ask this question, what will the answer be? Don't just think about the product and services you offer. Consider how your customers feel when they purchase from you, what intangible needs you are meeting for them, what kind of image you help them reinforce.  Are you empowering your customers to have a certain kind of life? Are you helping them overcome certain kinds of obstacles? Re-tooling your marketing efforts to address these subtle issues will give your brand new depth as it engages customers' emotions.

Economists know that customer purchases are guided more by historical experience, mood and emotional state than by strict utility.  Just as Harley-Davidson's brand was re-born by realizing its emotional appeal to customers, your organization's answer to the question, "What business are you really in?" can revolutionize your brand, your marketing campaign and your bottom line.

Once you had determined the answer to this key questions for your business, let the marketing begin!  InfoEmpire is a leading North American marketing brand for digital and off-line marketing services for over 16 years.  Our scope of work, expertise and proven results, make us an invaluable asset to your organization.   Let us know how we can help take your brand to the next level and you will be surprised how much you can achieve without breaking the bank.  

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