What Makes a Website, You Ask?

2016-08-15 15:11:54

InfoEmpire has the answer! In our last article we were recommending the quality content you should be having in your below the fold section and footer section. This time we will dive into the website and its inner pages – revealing what are the key ingredients to keep the visitor on your website and better yet – have a conversion!

On your contact page, having a contact form is a great way to keep in touch with your website visitors. Make sure those contact forms have captcha validation (we highly recommend using Google's recaptcha) to prevent from your website being attacked by spammers.

Next up is your actual content. The content not only has to be personalized (for instance, a generic about us content is not as effective as a customized and relevant one), but it also needs to implement a strategy in the web marketing world that is called the “F” pattern.

The “F” Pattern
Let's face it, most people who visit your website are probably not as excited about every single word in it as you – the business owner. The visitor wants to quickly scan your information and in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds, decides whether the website is worth staying on. The F pattern (called F for “fast”) is statistically speaking how your visitors view your content. To explain further – first the visitor reads in a horizontal direction, across the top part of the content. After that the visitor moves down the page and reads another section in a horizontal direction, usually a smaller area. Once the visitor is done reading that part they will move down and scan the left side of your content all the way down, these movements of the eye create the F pattern of reading. When composing the content for your website, you are recommended to keep that in mind to maximize your possibility of interesting the visitor to become an actual customer/ client.

Privacy policy page is required to have for a business website if you are collection user information of any kind on your website. You have to state the purpose of collection and means of usage. You also have to state your right to obtaining that information with the user's consent and the user's rights.

FAQ page can be extremely helpful to answer the “obvious” kind of questions that will arise in the visitor's mind. This will make sure those phone calls and contact form submissions you will be getting are fruitful.

A blog page is a great way to promote your SEO keywords and other SEO content while relaying important information to your visitor. It can also be used to show your “softer” and more “approachable” side to your visitors, so they can see that your business isn't just a dry business but you also can have a tasteful sense of humour, interests outside of your industry and possibly even – to inform your visitors of events and volunteering/ donations your company will be doing.

In our next article, we will recommend the key features that should be in your company website's blog!

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