E-Commerce Website for Your Small Business

2017-07-24 11:51:35

Maybe you've considered setting up an e-commerce website before, but you've thought it was too difficult. Or maybe you didn't know who to turn to for help in navigating the complexities of selling online.InfoEmpire is here to help. We have extensive experience with setting up e-commerce website for your small business and can get you online and selling quickly. All of our websites are custom-built -- no templates...

Trusted Leader in Digital Marketing

2017-07-14 11:18:51

Are you a small business owner or manager of a medium-sized company looking for how to reduce marketing costs? A loyalty card program can help you attract and retain customers. In fact, setting up a customer loyalty program can be a great low cost marketing option that will encourage people to do business with you -- over and over again.A customer loyalty program through InfoEmpire can serve as your best marketing...

Reducing Marketing Costs: Finding the Right Tools, Including Gift Card Programs

2017-06-09 12:18:57

You've no doubt realized just how expensive marketing is once seeing how much you have to do to stay relevant. If you've done everything manually, you're only going to experience more downtime and expense keeping up with demands. Your marketing team already has enough to do, and finding ways for them to do things easier is going bring more effective results.Also, finding ways to cut costs means you'll be able to...

Profit Strategy: What Your Business Needs Now to Achieve Its Goals!

2017-03-23 15:53:05

Profit is the goal of every business. What separates companies that make money from those that fail?Getting new customers, increasing current customer value, and keeping marketing expenses low are crucial elements in meeting profit goals. We surveyed over 2,300 small businesses across North America. Analysis of the data showed that small business profits fall into three basic categories.Profitable and Expanding –...

What Business Are You Really In?

2017-03-08 16:36:57

Marketing gets more competitive by the minute.  Established brands compete with startups, local brands test their muscle against each other and their national competitors, each out to attract new customers and keep their loyal ones close.  How can your organization make its value clear in such a chaotic landscape? By asking one simple question: What business are you really in?Harley-Davidson, a brand...