Web Hosting

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About Web Hosting

Web hosting is the action of helping your website available for others to view. A server is provided space by a web host, therefore you website will be available to access through other computers either of a network or modem. Currently available are thousands of web hosting services that are available free however with only few options or business web hostings that are specialized. How you want to use your website and how much you would like to spend on it will depend on the option you choose.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

ISPs are inexpensive and easy use, which is why several people prefer to put up their websites using this option. Most of the ISP service packages come with tools that give you the ability to create and upload websites easily, as well as a small amount of free web space. ISP is targeted towards people who would like to put up small websites with low traffic. Unfortunately, often there are rate restrictions, and most ISPs don't give out many features, therefore an ISP would not be the best option for a developing business website.

Free Web Hosting

Another good option for more smaller and personal websites is free web hosting. There are several free hosting providers that provide many different features. However the downside to free hosting services is that advertisements will appear on your site because they are funded by them. Therefore free web hosting is better for personal websites instead of business.

Paid Hosting

If choosing paid hosting as your option you will have to pay a fee for space as well as the services of the provider's web hosting server. Monthly fees vary but can start at a very low price like a couple of dollars to a high price such as a few hundred dollars. The features you have will depend on the amount you pay. The services offered may be e-commerce, database support, additional space on the server and several more options.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting is a good option for a small business because it allows you to host your website anywhere you like, even your own server. To host on a domain you must buy a domain name and have the provider send all requests for your domain to the actual location of your website. This option is less costly then buying both a domain and hosting services, and also allows for businesses to have their URLs branded.


Collocation is a business's choice to want to run their own machines as well as web services, however do not want to directly maintain them. With collocation, the server is placed in the area of its host such as ISP, where then it is stored, maintained, and provisioned with a power supply that will be uninterrupted. Security and protection for your server is provisioned with collation, while still having you own equipment controlled by you.

Direct Internet Access Having the most control over your web server is accomplished by hosting your site yourself. This type of hosting is looked into by companies that have large data centers or companies that need high security of their website and internet access.