10 Tips to Boost Post-Holiday Sales 

Many businesses are now experiencing a decrease in customer sales and an increase in returns and exchanges. However, you do not have to worry about the situation; there are several days to help you give your post-holiday sales some love. Moreover, Infoempire is ready to help you out in the process. Normally, there is always a decrease in sales during the holiday season. Below are the perfect tips to help you get back into business after the holidays. 

1. Use the new customer contact information to your advantage

You should collect your customer's important details such as names and emails during the holiday. During the post-holiday period, you may begin sending follow-up messages about their purchases and promote upcoming sales. You may also use the details to announce newly realized products. 

2. Engage your customers on social media

If your customers posted the products you posted during the holiday, you might keep the conversation going after the holiday. You may leave a comment on the customer's post, therefore, igniting the conversation between you, the customers, and their followers.

3. Continue with the marketing efforts until the end of the year

Some retailers will cut off the emails, search, advertising, and social media efforts after Christmas. It is one of the biggest mistakes made by retailers when looking for a marketing strategy. You should continue advertising your business even after the holiday.

4. Recoup sales from the abandoned shopping carts

You may capture emails of the customer from abandoned carts. Therefore, you should have a qualified pool of shoppers to mark and keep your sales momentum moving on even after the holiday. Shoppers do expect the retailers to contact them in case there is an abandoned purchase. 

5. Keep the deals coming with special January promotions and discounts?

You may come up with an offer that the customers may not resist, such as buy one get one free. Moreover, if you have an excess inventory such as seasonal fashion or holiday-themed items, you may offer clearance sales in January. 

6. Use social media

It is possible to reward your customers for being commented with social-only incentives. This involves giving discounts to the social media followers such as Facebook. 

7. Launch as new product

If you are launching a new product after the holiday, more customers will begin visiting your store during the post-holiday period, thus increasing sales. You may also introduce a loyalty and rewards program.

8. Come up with a fun post-holiday contest

You may create a contest online and encourage pics of the worst and wackiest holiday gift received. The contest may help you increase sales during the post-holiday period. Infoempire has helped businesses conduct the contest.

9. Adjust your pricing strategy

Pricing is an important part of the running of a business, especially after the holiday sales. After the holiday, you need to look at the strategies that you used during the holiday and adjust where necessary.

10. Educate customers on how to save

You may conduct a campaign to teach the customer some important saving mode during the holiday. This may be one way of attracting them during the post-holiday period.

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