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InfoEmpire, is proud to be one of the most reputable web design, programming and e-marketing experts in the field. We design business websites that are not only visually appealing but also integrate dynamic technologies that enhance customer usability and provide tangible results. At InfoEmpire, we have been experts in the Internet business for over 20 years. Our expertise is provided by an independent, multi-disciplinary team that delivers an agency-level service. We provide complete solutions that are competitive and tailored to our clients' needs: web design, programming, development, web maintenance, hosting, search engine placement, promotion, social media optimization, and more.

Whether you want to create or redesign your website, expand your online presence, attract new clients or improve existing relationships, we have what it takes for you to succeed. We offer an accurate quote to estimate your web design costs, programming and development, search engine placement and social media optimization.

Call us today at 877-482-4678 to have the InfoEmpire team create your vision into a reality.

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InfoEmpire, serving and supporting businesses across Canada and the U.S., provides online services, software products and technical facilities such as internet data, web support, and networking. InfoEmpire also specializes in the following services:

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Pros and Cons of Website Pop-ups 

Pop-up windows are usually set up for the user to feel comfortable on your landing page. For example, due to ”pop-ups", a person can get an answer to an actual question. These tools can also convince a visitor to perform a targeted...

How to pinpoint your niche?

Let's say you have a great idea for a business. But before you go any further, you need to determine your niche and target audience. No business, especially a small one, can sell everything for everyone. The narrower the niche you...

8 Great Ideas for your Coupon Campaign

Back in 2013, 93% of Americans made purchases only with coupons, and according to research in 2018, Americans are ready to spend 2 hours a week to find online coupons or discounted offers.The return on coupon marketing is also...

The History of Youtube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service in the world and one of the most popular resources on the entire Interweb. YouTube is a website designed for viewing, engaging, and promoting videos of various topics: it has...

What Makes Customers Loyal to a Brand?

Customer loyalty is the positive attitude of the customer in relation to the brand, product, service, visual identification, and further components. 20% of customers bring 80% of the profit, and brand loyalty is a reason.The emotional...

10 Tips to Keep Your Customers Happy

Many sellers do business with the mindset of once a sale is complete the client it’s time to search for a new client, resulting in the first client being forgotten about. This is a big mistake. Successful entrepreneurs and trading...

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