No matter how much we move forward with technological advancements in business, customers will always value face-to-face interactions. However, those interactions don't necessarily have to be in person. Introducing virtual video consultations, face-to-face interactions in the comfort of your own space. If you conduct any part of your business face-to-face currently, all or part of the interaction can be done virtually alternatively. For instance, medical consultations no longer will require in office visits and can instead be done through a virtual video call. Even if your business is not conducted face-to-face, giving customers the option of that interaction is an added benefit. Give your customers the convenience and save time on your end.

Virtual Video Consultation

How Does it Work?

Your customer will come to your website and click on the virtual video consultation tab. They simply need to fill out some basic information such as their name, email address, phone number for verification purposes, and their concern. Once this step is complete, a notification will be sent to the virtual consultant that there is a customer in queue for a virtual video call. The customer has the option to turn off their video or sound if they'd like, in addition, there is also an option for instant messaging for any written needs. Try it out yourself today with one of our website consultants!

Can I Have This Installed to My Website?

Yes, absolutely! Simply contact us today and we will explain how you can have this feature placed onto your website.

Who Is It For?

A virtual video consultation is for any business owner in any industry. Whether you conduct your business face-to-face or through e-commerce, you can give your customers the simplicity of speaking to you or one of your representatives virtually.

Virtually almost any business can go virtual.