InfoEmpire Loyalty & Rewards Program
Your Helping Hand in Word-of-Mouth Referral

What is Loyalty & Rewards Program?

Loyalty & Rewards Program is an Exclusive Program in "How to get new clients and keep existing customers happy".

Loyalty & Rewards Program has proven to work for every business that wants to expand their revenues and reduce costs in branding and advertising.

Here is how:

  • Loyalty & Rewards Program Maintains Business Exclusivity: each card is designed solely around your business brand to avoid any cross promotion and cross advertizing.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program has equipped with smart technology: chip technology allows the card to be used over and over again in collection of traceable points, instant savings and a loadable gift certificate all in one.
  • The Cards are programmed exclusively to be used at your location for customers to redeem their virtual dollars; collect points and share their membership's information for more rewards.

Create direct offers

  • Customers will not refuse to a Gift Certificate to be used for products or services – known fact.
  • Imagine to load your very own card with $20, $50, $100 or $500 dollars of virtual currency and ask customers to visit your location to redeem it. Each card will be redeemed with a purchase or passed with care to family and friends loaded with exclusive offers for customers to collect.
  • No actual dollars are spent until a card holder walks to redeem it! Then simply the card is scanned to be redeemed for virtual dollars and load the card with points until their next purchase.
  • Customers will keep the card for extra savings and become instant members to your business.

Inexpensive way of advertising

  • Avoid using discount days that require expensive publicity, print advertising and extensive hours of preparation.
  • With Loyalty & Rewards Program invite customers directly for a visit by giving out valuable offers in virtual dollars that are redeemed at purchase.


  • Current loyal customers will also get rewards by using the membership portion of the card.
  • The versatile card will offer points at every transaction and give good reasons for new and existing clients to keep coming back.

Maintain your business exclusivity

  • Loyalty & Rewards Program can be used to advertise the business's unique brand with no cross promotions where exclusivity and privacy of each business idea is maintained.
  • Meanwhile, card holders receive virtual currency of any amount to use towards products or services offered only by a specific location.

Create your personal image

  • You may design your own card or get the help from our graphic designs to create your unique style and brand.
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program is developed to help any businesses grow, no matter what the budget is.

Do better marketing

  • Attracting real customers with direct offers is a more efficient way in marketing as it gives an opportunity to collect valuable data from each real transaction.
  • Once the gift is redeemed with purchase the business can offer to register the card to continue rewards with points and exclusive offers available only to card members.

How does it work?

Pick up your Loyalty & Rewards Program Card

  • Get in touch with our team of designers to advise which design you want on the card.
  • A sample is made for your review.
  • We will program the card to your needs and customization and put it to production.
  • Once the cards are ready we can deliver them to your destination with a card reader and call or visit you for simple instructions.
  • You just log in on the website to track, load or manage all points for your customers.

Register your card

  • Registration is simple and collecting is fun. All it takes is your name, email, and phone number. Registration can be done in-store, on or by calling 1-877-482-4678 and a member of our team would be happy to assist you in registering your card.

Use your card and get points

  • Use your card every time you purchase a product or service and get points back, eventually you can redeem these points for virtual dollars to get money off of your future purchases.

Stay ahead of your competition and learn how Loyalty & Rewards Program will benefit your business.

  • The gift card with virtual dollars will promote your location.
  • The membership and discount piece will make customers exclusive to points and you will stay ahead of your competition.
  • The loyalty card portion will give customers rewards convertible to virtual dollars which will motivate them to come again.
  • The perks that come with the card will get others interested in visiting your location.
  • 4-in-1 card will get you one client who can pass the card on leading to new clients as well as current clients returning.

How is it different from other loyalty programs?

  • Loyalty & Rewards Card maintains exclusivity and privacy of your business with no cross promotion. It is 100% custom to only work at your business with a goal to refer more customers to your locations to ensure of valuable and rewarding reasons to keep your clients coming back. Promote your business with Loyalty & Rewards Program introduce this customer retention program to stay ahead of your competition.

How are points received?

  • Once customers get their cards with your business logo and brand they get to scan with each purchase. Each business can allocate how many points one can get with each dollar spent.
  • Once clients collect enough points they again can redeem them at purchase and track their rewards right online.
  • The card reader is connected to a software that allows to trace points; register the card to each individual user and recall the customer when it is time for their next visit.

Why get a Loyalty & Rewards card?

  • Loyalty & Rewards cards are a new way to have your customers be consistently interested and reminded of your business.
  • From each card your business earns a percentage of money.
  • Instead of offering sales for your business, you reward exclusive members with points.
  • Non-members will get interested in wanting to receive points because points mean dollars, which will have more people wanting a card.

Perks of Loyalty & Rewards cards for your customers:

  • Members get monthly specials.

Log in, check your email or have monthly exclusive specials and savings sent straight to your phone.

  • Build up your VIP level.

Collect points to not only redeem them for product & services but also build up your VIP level to qualify for a personal discount.