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InfoEmpire, is proud to be one of the most reputable web design, programming and e-marketing experts in the field. We design business websites that are not only visually appealing but also integrate dynamic technologies that enhance customer usability and provide tangible results. At InfoEmpire, we have been experts in the Internet business for over 20 years. Our expertise is provided by an independent, multi-disciplinary team that delivers an agency-level service. We provide complete solutions that are competitive and tailored to our clients' needs: web design, programming, development, web maintenance, hosting, search engine placement, promotion, social media optimization, and more.

Whether you want to create or redesign your website, expand your online presence, attract new clients or improve existing relationships, we have what it takes for you to succeed. We offer an accurate quote to estimate your web design costs, programming and development, search engine placement and social media optimization.

Call us today at 877-482-4678 to have the InfoEmpire team create your vision into a reality.

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InfoEmpire, serving and supporting businesses across Canada and the U.S., provides online services, software products and technical facilities such as internet data, web support, and networking. InfoEmpire also specializes in the following services:

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The Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an integral part of your marketing mix. It is defined as the level of recognition of a product or service in the minds of consumers. It refers to how consumers remember and recognize a brand without necessarily...

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Google Adwords is an online advertising service where advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their business. When a user completes a search on Google, one of the results might be an ad. An advertiser has to pay only if someone...

The Mystery of Successful Facebook Business Account

One might think that a business's success or failure on social media is dependent purely on an easily-quantifiable number of likes, shares, and comments. However, if you were to ask any advertising professional how often they take...

What is Website Maintenance and Why is it Important? 

What is website maintenance?Website maintenance is the ongoing work done to keep a website running smoothly and not encountering downtime. Daily, monthly, or yearly website maintenance is necessary to keep your web presence relevant...

Nail Down SEO 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential web tool for modern business. SEO is a strategy that companies use to improve where their site sits in a search engine’s results. In bringing a business from the tenth page of...

Summer promotion tips 

Summer is here! And that means that it's time for another busy season of sales, promotions, and all the usual fanfare. If you're looking to take advantage of this opportunity to draw in more customers, we've compiled some tips to help...

I recently got my gold membership card, where can I check my card balance?
Whether you are a gold, silver or regular member with InfoEmpire, you can check your card balance here.
I am an existing client and would like to make some website changes?
We are happy to complete any of your requests. Give us a call at ext. 110 or Just fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
What is Web Hosting?
Simply put, web hosting is a service that allows website owners to make their websites accessible on the internet.
How long does it take to design my website?
There are various factors involved in determining the timeline in which your website will be completed, not one answer is the same. Style, format and functionality are all key things we consider when quoting & composing deadlines. InfoEmpire takes pride in the fact that to date; none of our projects have taken us longer than four weeks to complete, regardless of their complexity. If you are working with a small window of time, let us know; we are confident and accommodating in our ability to fulfill all of your site launch needs.
What do your websites cost?
At InfoEmpire we offer a complimentary consultation to all new clients looking to develop their online presence with us. The pricing and quote for the web development depends on the complexity of the project and a number of factors. Rest assured that our team is willing to work with you to design a program that delivers all your business needs at the pinnacle of professional standards. We recommend avoiding any web developer who offers a blanket quote without a long chat first.
Does my business need to be computer-based in order to have a website?
Owning a website does not demand your company to be a computer-based business. Think of a website as your online store/shop/facility. Taking your organization online is a way to generate new business and reach potential clients irrespective of any geographical limitations.  According to the Entrepreneur magazine, 20% of all your qualified leads will come from your effective on-line presence.  Your website is the fastest and most effective way for consumers who are looking for your product or service to find you, and with additional effective search engine optimization (SEO), find you first.
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