Quality Custom Responsive Website Design for your Business

The use of mobile users, in comparison to desktop users, has increased over the years which has created a popular demand for mobile versions of websites. Mobile websites are very useful and quite necessary considering new technology such as smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches. Mobile websites are crucial for any business in this day and age with the current technology and busy on the go lifestyle.

In the upcoming 5 years, additional inventions will come out and different versions of websites will have to be designed. It is difficult, in the area of Web design, to constantly keep up with all the new devices and resolutions. It is quite impractical to continuously create your website to keep up with the new versions of resolutions and devices.

An approach that recommends that design and development should answer to the user's conduct and environment according to screen size, platform and orientation is Responsive Web Design. This type of application includes a blend of flexible grinds and layouts, images as well as a use of CSS media queries in a clever way. Imagine resolution, image sizing as well as scripting abilities should automatically switch when a user transfers from a laptop to a tablet. That is to say, automatic responses from a website should have the technology to respond to the user's predilection. This technology would eradicate designing a new stage every time a new device is created.

Web design and development is entering a whole new period. A numerous amount of options are currently obtainable, and in the future there will be too many options to keep up with the ever changing and evolving technology. Preferably we should be looking ahead and creating websites that will be ready for future technologies. Creating a new design that is responsive to the user may seem taxing, however it is saves time in the long run from having to design and code for every device that exists.

The mere concept of responsive Web design is that when applied it can ameliorate the user's experience on their device. New technologies, devices, and resolutions will have to be worked with constantly to better the user's experience.

Responsive Web design not only eliminates the annoyance but also is best for the user. Using the technique of responsive we design generates a custom solution for a large amount of users and their multiples devices. Websites can adjust to an old computer as well as the latest technology out. Responsive Web design will fit your needs because it devises a custom experience for every user.

InfoEmpire Inc. provides you with professionally designed, search engine optimized and easy-to-use websites perfected to the last detail. We integrate website design, website development and internet marketing to generate real results allowing for growth in your business. We use all of the latest technologies including Flash, Ajax Frameworks and Microsoft SilverLight on quality web 2.0 business professional website layouts.

The job isn’t over for us once the website has been designed; we promote your authentic business website while continuously updating new information, promotions and technologies. We take care of your online presence so that you can focus on your in-person presence.

Design Process

With the help of our clients, we design the finest and most fitting website based on the information given to us. We only use high quality graphics and appropriate photography to illustrate the final website. The photography can be chosen by you from our very own Stock Gallery. We provide you with multiple web design mock-ups to choose from and encourage any changes or enhancements that you would like implemented. From there, we begin to transform the mock-up website into a real professional website for your business.

Technologies Used

For visual effects, presentation and professionalism, we use HTML5 and JQuery animation for a more modern overall appeal. We keep the design simple and with minimum effects allowing for maximum website usability.

For custom made graphics or animations, we use vector editors such as Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw and Flash. Once the graphics or animations are created, they are easily ready for either your website or printing purposes.

For video embedding or audio podcasts, we use Flash and Microsoft SilverLight technology. Also, as part of our Social Media Optimization package, we can create YouTube videos.

More Than Just a Website

InfoEmpire Inc. is a leader and trusted source for medical website development and website marketing. We don’t only provide a beautiful layout design, we provide clients with the most important tool in business: Booking Software. Making appointments, monthly newsletters and email incentives are just a few of many benefits that come with our booking software.

Who We Work With

Doctor’s offices, medical groups, dental offices, physician practices, surgery centers, medical device manufacturers, hair restoration surgery, medical spa, laser clinic and all other health related businesses is just the beginning of our clientele list. We also work with small to large e-stores, the beverage industry, automotive companies, corporate designs, financial services, business services, windows and the renovation industry.

Not Just Design – A Total, All-Inclusive Package!

Our websites not only have the magnetic appeal that you are looking for, but they are also ranked high in search engines and social media networks. It is no secret that your ranking in search engines and social media networks will bring you more leads and sales. We give you edge that you need to make you stand apart from your competitors. We can also customize the development of your website based on your needs: custom business website forms, gift certificate sales, payment gateway integration, and more.

Contact us at 1-877-482-4678 or fill out our online form to find out more information about website design and development. We are happy to offer you a FREE business website design from our experts to help create your dream website into a reality.