Is OpenCart Suitable for Your Business

Even though those who sell anything benefit a lot if they create and run an online store enabling them to increase their customer base, it is a very tricky task to choosing the perfect platform which will provide you and your enterprise with what you desire.

You'd love to have a platform which supports the most common methods of payment, several languages, several currencies and frequently updates the way in which its back-end works providing clients with better processing and services whose designs can be customized.

Several platforms exist which fulfill all the above requirement but what InfoEmpire suggests is that you should make use of OpenCart. OpenCart fulfills all the above requirement added to the fact that it is standalone, lightweight, can be installed easily, used easily and above all, is FREE of charge.

You may spend a little cash only on its extensions. A majority of these extensions are offered free of charge but when you want your business to have a specific customized setting such as the affixing of shipping rates according to the radius distance or by weight groups etc., there might be a need for you to buy an extension. This is not the case with most businesses who make use of the free extensions when adding additional functionality options to their online stores, so they use the OpenCart platform free of charge.

OpenCart presents online stores with an open source solution and also supports the ownership several stores per website. A majority of OpenCart themes are already designed to be mobile-optimized, responsive and can be altered to suit the design needs you require. The products found in your store or number of categories have no limits and it is void of hidden fees too.