Reward Your Employees with Your Loyalty Program

It is impossible to earn customer loyalty without an organized, motivated team of employees. Today, loyalty programs for employees are implemented by major brands cross-border in order to increase one's productivity and efficiency. A professional, motivated staff is the essential factor of high-quality customer service.

Where to Start?
The development of a loyalty program starts with the evaluation of the current state of employees’ commitment levels. Once, the data is analyzed, the best-fit training program is suggested. Usually, these types of programs include special events that facilitate the boost in employees' loyalty and deep sympathy for the organization, corporate culture, organizational fairness, and trust in management, along with material or non-material motivation systems. The program should take into account the specifics of the organization's activities, the management style of the company, as well as all the identified reasons for the deterioration of staff loyalty and factors that affect loyalty.

Usually, large multinational corporations may afford to keep in place large departments of analytics, where professionals may evaluate inbound data, therefore suggest the best managerial decision for HR to implement the training program, or not. Whereas medium and smaller enterprises may lack access to such resources, therefore are highly recommended to appeal to professionals in the industry of online service consulting, where the team of motivated professionals may assist them in the assessment of the current state of organizational culture within the company, as well as understand the desired destination state, and fill in the gap between the two.

Examples of Loyalty Programs
As an example of successful implementation of the loyalty program, the large franchise network "MasterFiber" can be named. The program is based on the introduction of an internal currency called Kanga. The motivation system is simple, the one who collects most of the domestic currency during the month receives a reward in form of the “gold” coin. This reward can be exchanged for prizes, free services, time off, and similar services. Whenever someone collects 50 Kangas, the employee is awarded the main prize, a vacation to Australia.

Non-standard rewards in employee loyalty programs are an effective way to increase the desire of the team as a whole and boost the corporate spirit of each employee individually. A study conducted by Dan Ariely provided the following results, among 4 different types of rewards (pizza, cash bonus, no reward, and compliments) used for different groups of employees, the last would do the most to earn pizza as a reward. The cash bonus was placed in fourth place for making the least difference. Here is why it’s crucial to select an unusual rewarding mechanism and motivating bonus for your employees.

Choosing the Right Kind of Motivation
The organization should choose between material, non-material, and social motivation. For example, a standardized working day for employees with small children, food bonus, health insurance, prepaid cellular communication subscription, or compensation of the transportation costs. Another way to encourage employees is with vacation vouchers or birthday gifts. Such benefits distinguish companies and attract potential employees.

The most effective way of motivational development and employees’ loyalty are prizes and bonuses that depend on the employee's performance. However, employees tend to get used to the benefits and value them less over time. Therefore, it is important to be flexible and creative in your loyalty program creation and renew it regularly.

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