The Dos and Don’ts of Discounting for Small Businesses

Discounts are essential for small businesses because they can help you get new customers and promote your business. However, the dos and don'ts of discounting for small businesses will help you ensure that you don't lose money on your sales.

The Dos
1. Getting a discount from your suppliers. Sometimes having a good relationship with your suppliers can give you better discounts than just ordering wholesale from them. If this is the case, negotiate a discount before placing an order to see if it makes sense for both parties.

2. Using discounts as part of a sale. If you have a product that's not selling well, you can use sales and discounts to get rid of it. Make sure to keep track of what you spend on the sale to avoid losing too much money.

3. Selling multi-piece products at a lower price than what it costs to buy them individually. For example, a bicycle helmet can be bought in bulk and sold lower.

4. Helping customers get the lowest possible prices. You can do this by collecting the best prices from your suppliers and better deals from other companies. Tell your customers about these discounts if they are not specifically for them.

5. Customer retention through discounts. If a customer buys from you regularly, offering them a discount to encourage them to keep coming back helps engage potential customers who don't frequent your business. 

6. Offering discounts to local customers. If you have a buying group in your area, you can offer them slightly different discounts than other areas to encourage them to stick with you and purchase products at a lower price.

The Don'ts

1. Not following up when you have a customer who purchased your products at a specific price. If you make it easy for customers to purchase again or get another discount, you could end up losing business to competitors.

2. Charging more than the cost for your products. In the long term, customers will be unhappy with you if they pay extra for your products, leading to poor reviews of your business.

3. Losing money on sales by not fixing a product that's broken. If a customer is unhappy with an item you've sold, make it right by replacing or repairing the product.

Ways of Engaging Customers in Different to Avoid Over Discounting.

Discounts are an excellent way to get new customers and encourage existing ones to spend more. Here are some ways that you can engage customers without overdoing discounting: 

1. Create an exclusive club for your best customers. You can give these members special deals or access to discounts from you and your suppliers in exchange for them promoting your products on social media, referring other people, and spending more money.

2. Offer discounts only to your best customers. You can also let them test new products at a lower price before making them available to the public. It will allow you to find out which products are worth introducing to other customers.

3. Use a loyalty program where loyal customers earn points for purchases. You can then award packages or perks like vouchers or free shipping in exchange for purchasing certain items.

4. Offer your best customers the chance to review their products before introducing them to the public. You can also give them a discount on these items if they tell customers about their experience with your business.

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