8 Great Ideas for your Coupon Campaign

Back in 2013, 93% of Americans made purchases only with coupons, and according to research in 2018, Americans are ready to spend 2 hours a week to find online coupons or discounted offers.
The return on coupon marketing is also impressive: 91% of American customers will visit a store if they have a coupon for it and they will spend 24% more than users without a coupon. Also, the popularity of coupons is proved by a huge number of websites with coupons, which help buyers save on goods and services, and sellers expand their customer base, make additional sales, and earn on returning customers.

Offer coupons for new customers
Once a customer visits your site, you can turn them into regular visitors by offering them coupons and discounts. When offering a coupon ask the new client for an email so that you can notify the customer about new offers and promotions. We already know that for 91% of consumers, coupons remain an important factor for re-visiting a website. So don't miss them.

New products
If you have introduced new products to the assortment of your goods, then you know how much effort it is worth to stimulate their sales. Customers want to buy proven products, and usually, avoid taking risks with new products. But by offering discount coupons for such products, you can easily offer these products to your target audience and stimulate sales with discounts in coupons.

Less popular products
Let's use a specific example. In 2004, the management of a cinema decided to save the most unsuccessful day in terms of visiting, Wednesday, by making a special offer "2 tickets for the price of 1". This promotion continues until now. People send an SMS with the text "FILM" from their mobile phone, in return they receive a message with a promo code that gives them the right to buy two tickets for the price of one for a Wednesday session at the nearest cinema. The company sends out more than 300,000 promo codes a week, which brings it an annual income of £15,000,000 a year.

Order placing section
The offer of a discount code when placing an order can push the buyer to buy if they are in doubt. This is a great life hack for website owners who want to reduce the number of abandoned baskets. Given that the average percentage of refusals from purchases is 64.7%, this is certainly a successful tactic that many companies are now using to attract fickle online consumers.

Emails and social media
You can place coupons in your company's account on social networks, on coupon aggregator websites, exchange with your partners, and in advertising campaigns. This will help you easily tell a large number of potential customers about yourself and increase your income without huge investments.

The reward for a purchase
Your goal is not a one-time sale, but repeated ones, so make the buyer not just use the coupon but also return. How do you do this? It's very simple, after the purchase, give your customer a new coupon! This will help to maintain interest in your company and return to you for the next purchase.

Exit-intent popup
You can place the coupon on the website while the user is there. The most convenient way to do this is in a pop-up window or a static widget. But also, there are coupons for stopping outgoing customers, they work well if you place them in the exit-intent popup widget.
Referral coupons
This mechanism is often used by fashion retailers. The marketing campaign "bring a friend and get a discount" is in demand, and the discount depends on the number of attracted customers — 5% for one, 10% for two, 15% for three, and so on. Dollar value is also frequently used.
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