Baby Boomers Versus Millennials: How to Capitave Both Audiences

If there are two groups whose purchasing habits differ immensely, it's baby boomers and millennials. The boomer generation brought us larger-than-life malls, food courts and weekends spent buying accessory items and souvenirs from vacation excursions. Millennials, on the other hand, gave us digital power and one-touch checkout technology. 

Rather than spending our spare time rummaging through bargain bins and fighting rush-hour traffic, we can curl up in our sweat pants, scroll through our phone and buy essential items without breaking a sweat. And while there are positives and negatives to each of these consumer groups, one mantra rings true: marketing experts need to encapsulate the interests of both parties. 

Customer Engagement: A Dying Service

Before diving into the differences between boomers and millennials, let's talk about an area where they share common ground: the need for customer engagement. Whether they're buying their monthly supply of toilet paper from an online retailer or visiting a physical location, having friendly experts nearby is a breath of fresh air.

This fact is proven time and time again when we see companies that focus on customer interaction performing better than their peers. More importantly, these organizations have higher retention rates than their competitors, and clients are willing to pay a premium to businesses that they enjoy interacting with within a social setting.

Millenials and Boomers Are Wealthy Beyond Measure, and They Desperately Want to Spend Their Hard-Earned Dollars

Millennials represent 2.5 trillion dollars worth of buying power in today's market, and they're ready and willing to fork over their cash to businesses that go out of their way to meet them on their level; the digital playground.

However, millennials differ from their boomer counterparts in that most of their monthly allowance is spent on food, clothing, accessory items and leisurely activities. On the other hand, baby boomers spend their dollars on household appliances, health-conscious supplements and treats for their beloved pets. And while we see older generations adopting technology to do their shopping, they still have a long ways to go before they're comparable to millennials.

How Generational Buying Habits Influence Promotional Campaigns

In a general sense, marketing experts and business owners need to be aware of an important theme: you must meet millennials and boomers on common ground. While our grandparents aren't lining up on TikTok to join in on the latest memes and fads, they're scrolling Facebook for hours. Millennials, too, enjoy a good Facebook post. With this in mind, we must utilize digital platforms and physical locations that attract both generational groups.

Secondly, we must consult with forward-thinking organizations that specialize in customer experience. Whether you're 70 or 17, one thing is true: positive attention makes you feel good. While the type of attention you require differs by age bracket, it's a much-needed accommodation in today's fast-paced society. Luckily for us, organizations like InfoEmpire specialize in client satisfaction.

InfoEmpire works around the clock to ensure your website content is updated, current, re-written and customized to your needs. More importantly, they aim to make domains and digital landing pages user-friendly, easy to navigate and concise with your organization's message. If your internet presence is far from ideal, InfoEmpire is ready and willing to help. Contact us today and let us help you capture the millennial and baby-boomer market!

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