How to Use TikTok to Increase Brand Awareness and Market Your Business

The TikTok social network is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. More than 1.5 billion users have already installed the application. At the same time, about 800 million are its active users.

Many people perceive TikTok skeptically, but the given figures force them to change their minds. Today it is the social network worth using to attract the attention of a target audience. Moreover, according to the forecast, the popularity of the application in 2021 will grow even more.

Why should you pay attention to this advertising channel?
Currently, competition in TikTok remains at a low level. There is a built-in editor with many filters and effects. You can get a lot of ideas for the video. Without a doubt, TikTok will not lose its popularity if the new tools of popular social networks do not attract more attention from users.

Attracting subscribers from TikTok to other platforms
Currently, it is easier to attract subscribers on TikTok than on Instagram. That is a good opportunity to redistribute traffic to other sites. To do so, it is enough to specify a link to other social networks or your website in your bio. The links are clickable, users do not have to manually insert them into the browser.

Increase of brand awareness, image formation
TikTok is a social platform that is focused on creative content and, mainly, on native advertising, and user engagement is quite high compared to other social networks. That is why the application is used as an opportunity to increase brand awareness, increase reach and attract a loyal audience ready to perform a targeted action.

Increase in sales
The ultimate goal of any SMM promotion is to generate leads. You can directly sell goods and services, promote music and other creative projects through TikTok.

The strategy and method of promotion are chosen to take into account the goals set. First of all, it is necessary to determine the target audience and the concept of the channel. People come to this social network for entertainment to occupy their free time. Complex content will not be perceived. For the application to bring the desired effect, your content must be viral: original, funny, “delicious".

Pro account
To make it easier to choose a profile category, run ads, and view statistics, you can immediately start from the Pro account. This is a suitable option for those who have decided to start promoting their TikTok. To go to the Pro, just click on the three lines located in the upper right corner, select "My Account", and then switch to the Pro account.

What businesses are suitable for advertising in an application like TikTok?
The type of promotion will suit almost any account. However, the most effective advertising can be for the following segments:
● Brands;
● Online stores;
● Delivery services;
● Products for children;
● Companies from the fields of beauty and sports;
● Dance studios;
● Mobile apps;
● Courses and schools;
● Everyday goods;
● Service owners.

In 2021, the popularity of TikTok will continue to grow, and therefore it is worth using it to promote the brand today.

The main feature of the social network is watching short videos for up to 3 minutes. They should be posted at least 1-2 times a day to outreach the audience. When creating content, you should focus on young users. But do not forget about your primary audience.

Account promotion can be paid or free. For paid promotion, you should choose advertising in TikTok Ads, videos from other bloggers, cheating in special services.

If you are a business owner looking to improve your social media strategies by offering TikTok content and promotion, Infoempire can be of assistance. Contact us today to speak with our marketing specialist.