Nail Down SEO 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an essential web tool for modern business. SEO is a strategy that companies use to improve where their site sits in a search engine’s results. In bringing a business from the tenth page of search results onto the first page, you can increase impressions, site visits, and – eventually – purchases and revenue. SEO is important because it allows small and large businesses alike to remain competitive and discoverable in the digital realm. If you’re wondering how to implement SEO at your business, Infoempire is here to help!

Search engines comprise the infrastructure of how we search the Internet. Think of a brick-and-mortar store’s retail planogram. Merchandisers place items in specific spots of retail space to ensure shoppers can find and purchase them. This, essentially, is how SEO functions. By employing specific strategies, business owners can make their products and services discoverable to the people who are ready to make a purchase.

Common SEO strategies include optimizing page titles and descriptions with keywords, strategically manipulating page permalinks, and incorporating header and footer codes. Infoempire can help businesses with all three strategies. 

When a search engine “crawls” a website, it uses page titles and meta descriptions to understand what the content is about. Savvy marketers insert specific keywords into these titles and descriptions in order to expedite the crawl process. In doing this, the marketer ensures that the webpage accurately and efficiently communicates its content to the search engine.

In addition to optimizing titles and descriptions, SEO best practices also require users to optimize permalinks. Permalinks – or permanent links – are the mailing address for your website. They should be optimized with a keyword to ensure the search engine crawls the page effectively. Additionally, once a permalink is set, you should not change it. Changing a site’s URL or slug can cause search engine rankings to drop.

Header and footer codes are the final piece of SEO optimization on a page. These codes often include specific tags that the search engine and third-party plugins use to read the page. This, in turn, communicates the site’s function and purpose to the search engine. Infoempire is adept at helping businesses optimize all parts of their website, including the titles, descriptions, permalinks, and both header and footer codes.

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