Prepare your website for the holiday season

For business, 2020 and 2021 years were the path through shock therapy. People are tired of bad news and wish to plunge into the atmosphere of holidays and gifts. The vibes of the celebration are already flying in the air. At this time, people decorate their homes, and business owners think how to congratulate customers and give a festive atmosphere.We will provide you with several ways to prepare your website for the holiday season. It will help you interact with the target audience more effectively and reduce the cost of conversion. 


The most obvious way to prepare a website for the holiday season is to place a banner or even several banners in the winter or holiday style. 

Holiday drawing in the corner of the website

This option is suitable for companies having a minimalistic design. The focus will not shift to the holiday topic from the company's products or services.

Home page design

Let users see that your company is well prepared for the Holiday season and ready to share the festive vibes with your customers. Dont neglect to decorate the main page of the website with some stylized celebration elements. 

Adding Christmas elements to your company's logo 

This method is used by a large number of companies. It is one of the simplest because there are no specific rules, imagination is the only limit. But remember, the logo still needs to be recognizable. 


Install a counter on your website with a countdown of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the New Year or one of the other big holiday dates. Countdown makes a customer feel an urgency to purchase your product or service as soon as possible. 

Holiday section

Make a separate section of the catalog called "Holiday gifts". This will significantly help customers in finding the most popular products on the threshold of the holidays.

Product card

Update the pictures of the most popular products by taking photos in the holiday interior for your catalog. 

Holiday action

Most often, the action is disguised as some kind of game, like growing your own Christmas tree, searching for gifts from Santa Claus, modeling a snowman, etc. The more points client gets for some specified actions the more your customer will build. You could add a prize for a completed model. 

Blog article

Tell your customers how your company is preparing for the holiday season or remember funny cases from last year's corporate party. You can also post some photos from the storefront location with some holiday decorations. 

Santa Claus Hat

On the one hand, this is the banalest way to prepare a website for the New Year, but genius ideas are simple. The company's logo, photos of executives, product cards — the Santas hat fits perfectly everywhere.

Gift sets

The holiday present set will be especially relevant for people who like to do everything at the last moment. Offer them a ready-made version of a holiday gift with your gift cards, products, or services and get their admiration for a long time. 

Email newsletter

Send a congratulatory holiday letter to customers and inform them about fresh discounts and promotions on your website. Put a cute holiday discount card in the letter and wish your customers success in the New Year.

If you need some help with preparing your website for the holiday season 2021-2022 contact us today! Infoempire is always ready to give you a hand in the creation, design, and maintenance of your website. We wish you a successful and enjoyable holiday season!