Pros and Cons of Website Pop-ups 

Pop-up windows are usually set up for the user to feel comfortable on your landing page. For example, due to ”pop-ups", a person can get an answer to an actual question. These tools can also convince a visitor to perform a targeted action, and thereby get into your funnel. Which is very convenient and useful for you. 
But, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Yes, you will defeat banner blindness with the pop-up windows. But if you choose the wrong kind of pop-up, use them in the wrong place or overdo it, then you risk causing rejection from the audience.

Pros of Website Pop-ups 

If everything is done correctly, you will get an increase in conversion. A pop-up window is more effective than a banner, despite the fact that it may seem annoying. 

Attracting the attention of users. It is difficult to ignore what is looming before your eyes. Therefore, they are effective for attracting subscribers and collecting phone numbers of potential customers.

Fast communication with visitors. The “pop-ups” often host a chat with support. This way your customer can quickly get an answer to a question, and at the same time leave a phone number for closer interaction with a manager.

If an Internet user stays on the site for a long time, it means that the resource is useful and contains content that is interesting to the audience. Users who came from web push notifications spend more time on the website than people who came from social networks or email marketing campaigns.

Fine-tune the display conditions. You can customize the time when the window appears, the duration of its display, and the content. For example, a user is viewing a product page, at the moment when the viewing duration reaches a predetermined time, a window will pop up with an offer to buy a product at a reduced price. 

Segment the audience that sees the pop-up. For example, in a pop-up window, the user is offered to subscribe to the newsletter of an online store. At the same time, customers have the opportunity to choose a newsletter with products for men or with products for women.

Cons of Website Pop-ups 

As already mentioned before, pop-ups are annoying. Especially if they appear out of nowhere and at the wrong time. If you overdo it, the traffic will drop, as far as the visitors will stay away from annoying ads. 

Pop-ups increase the bounce rate. Almost always, they infuriate the user more than other types of ads. At first glance, this is bad only because a person will not purchase a product or service. But in fact, this will also worsen the position of the site's output in search engines.

Search engines do not see keywords and phrases on pop-up windows. The content that is added in the pop-up window in Google is not indexed by the search engine.

Pop-ups can lead to an increase in page loading time, which is officially a ranking factor. At the same time, this will lead to a decrease in conversion, so it is important to implement pop-ups with fast loading.

In rare cases, Google may block the display of annoying ads.

Basic rules for working with pop-up windows:
1. Do not frighten and/or annoy the client
2. The window call must be voluntary
3. The information in the pop-up window should be useful for the visitor.

4. The window should work on all devices

We hope that we were able to help you understand which pop-ups on the site are best suited for your business. If you wish to promote your brand, contact us today for more information. Our managers at Infoempire are always happy to help you!