Should You Use Emojis in Ad Copy?

Emojis have been used in ad copy for a while now, and many marketers will argue that they are an effective way to engage people. Emojis can also be used as an aesthetic device in place of words or phrases. There is an ongoing debate on whether they are appropriate to use in advertising because they can be seen as gimmicky, so this article aims to illuminate the subject further.

What are Emojis?
An emoji is a small image of an object that can be used in place of words or phrases. The word emoji means "picture (e-) character (-moji)" in Japanese. Emojis have existed since 1999 and were initially used to express emotions on mobile phones that allowed the use of custom characters for each phone. Despite this origin, the term is often used to apply to broader characters commonly used on smartphones' text messaging services and social media websites.

Why do people like using emojis?
There are many reasons that people use emojis. The most common cause is to communicate quickly and easily with one another. The use of emojis can convey certain emotions, objects, places, and concepts using just text. For example, emojis such as the smiley or winking face can give a sense of humor or show that you are joking or being sarcastic.

Benefits of Using Emojis in Ad Copy
1. They increase engagement
Some advertisers use emojis to make the copy more engaging when writing a text ad. If you struggle to reach your target audience, attractive emoji usage in your ad copy might be the thing that will get them to pay attention. Emojis can help drive more engagement with consumers on the fence about purchasing by assisting them in relating to you as a company and product.

2. When using emoji in ad copy, using the appropriate version ensures comprehension
Using the correct emoji version of your brand and product can help increase your audience's understanding of what you are trying to convey. Using an inappropriate interpretation of a character, such as sweat socks or diapers, may confuse people and make them less likely to take you seriously.

3. Using emojis in ad copy can increase brand awareness
Using emojis in your ads can increase brand awareness by using symbols unique to your brand. Again, this gives people a more personal connection to the product and creates a lasting memory of your company. As well as increasing brand awareness, using emojis unique to your product can help show the consumer that you have good quality products.

4. Emojis tend to be an effective way to make copy more visually appealing
A copy is generally straightforward to read in words that are not emojis. On the other hand, emojis can break up the text and cause visual interest. Emojis in ad copy can also be used as an aesthetic device; by using colorful emoticons instead of words, you can add a more festive twist to your ad copy.

Who Should Be Using Emojis in Ad Copy?
Emojis are a relatively new marketing tool and are relatively easy to use. However, there is still a lot of debate on whether they should be used in the ad copy. While there are no hard and fast rules about using emojis in ad copy, there are some general guidelines that may be helpful for advertisers. When using emojis in ad copy, it is essential to make sure that you are using the appropriate character for your brand's products.

Tips For Using Emojis in Ad Copy
Don't use emojis to replace words.
Even though emojis can add visual interest to ad copy, they should never be used instead of words. This is because there are still things that cannot be expressed using only text, and emojis do not adequately replace terms. Emojis can be effective as a complementary device, but they should not be used where they are unnecessary.

Use emojis at the start of a headline or a bullet point or to end the caption.
Adding emojis to the start of a headline can help draw the target audience's attention. However, using an emoji at the end of a headline can be distracting and decrease the ability to convey emotion and intent. Emojis can also be used at the beginning of a bullet point or caption to help draw attention to the text.

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