Small Business Trends in 2021

2020 was a year of hurdles for businesses, especially small businesses. With the new year beginning, we can expect to see some common trends amongst small businesses.

E-Commerce is Essential 
The essentialness of e-commerce has been clearly discovered in the last year. Many small businesses had to pivot to e-commerce to continue conducting operations. Even though there is hopefulness that restrictions are expected to lessen in the upcoming months, business owners have realized the value that e-commerce brings; increased reach, lower cost, and scalability. Read our previous blog post to learn the “Reasons Why E-Commerce Is Important For Small Businesses” and if you are a business owner in need of an online store, our team at Infoempire can create an e-commerce site for you, contact us today!

More Virtual Services
The past year has brought many challenges for businesses owners who have conducted any or all of their business in person. The countless obstacles highlighted the importance of being able to continue to operate business while searching for alternatives that didn’t include in person interaction. Virtual services began becoming prioritized and are seen to continue to sprout in 2021. The value that virtual services bring customers includes convenience, uniform communication, and improved reliability. Virtual services such as chatbots, video consultations, and virtual assistants are expected to flourish in the upcoming year. If you are looking to implement virtual services into your business, Infoempire can be of assistance, contact us today.

Mobile Friendly is a Must
Shopping behaviours are ever changing. With technology constantly emerging, consumers adapted to a convenient shopping experience; this means shopping anytime anywhere, which is why having a website that is mobile friendly is a must. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce website, consumers are still likely to find your website through their mobile device. Lacking a mobile friendly website may deter visitors from wanting to explore your page. If you are in need of a mobile-friendly website, Infoempire can be of assistance, contact us today.

There's a reasons trends exist and why they are favoured. Understanding and implementing upcoming trends is a useful technique for moving your business forward. If you are looking to implement any of the trends mentioned, Infoempire can be of great support. Contact us today to speak to a specialist about helping your small business thrive in 2021. 

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