Tips for Keeping Your Brand Consistent

Building and growing brand awareness require that your marketing strategy sends a clear and consistent message to your target audience. The desired goal is to enable consumers to be able to identify your company by its logo, web design color scheme, and more. Please keep reading to learn more about our services.

• Logos, Colors, and Images

A unique logo helps your company stand out from the competition. Be sure it appears on every aspect of your marketing including the website, digital ads, social media, business cards, and your physical location.

For optimum impact, select a color palette that contains a dominant color accompanied by at least three complementary colors. The mix of colors works to keep the visual assets consistent while not appearing monotonous. Whether it's on your website or social media ads, aim for uniformity and consistency of colors to encourage brand recognition.

Images attract attention and make a lasting impression. We provide expert advice to assist with your choice of stock photos or creative proprietary photos and illustrations. The images should be easily identifiable by your potential customers.

• Fonts

Be consistent with the font sizes you use for your website and social media posts. The typical rule of thumb would be to have a primary font in addition to a second typeface. This provides a visual contrast for the various components of your content, such as the title, subheaders, paragraph text, and any captions. The consistent use of the same primary and secondary fonts looks appealing and also promotes brand recognition.

• Repurpose Your Content

Once we've created compelling and result-driven content for your advertising, it can be repurposed across your marketing platforms. For example, it can be used for your website pages, email marketing, social media, and Google ads.

• Organize Your Marketing Assets

It's recommended that you strategically organize your professional marketing assets to achieve the best results. Your social media marketing will drive traffic to your website, and the consistent messaging will build consumer confidence and trust in your brand.

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