Top Social Media Trends for 2021

Happy new year! As we jump into 2021, it is important to understand what social media trends are forecasted for the year. Understanding these trends allows you to create marketing strategies accordingly.

Increased Video Content
With the rise of Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and Snapchat Spotlight, videos have become increasingly popular on social media. Video content is extremely engaging with users as it allows for better delivery of messages. This year try to focus on curating video content rather than traditional text or image.  

Social Commerce
Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been a big part in brands selling their products online. Within the last year, we have seen a huge increase for e-commerce. As businesses continue to look for ways to differentiate themselves, social commerce is a huge opportunity for companies to move away from conventional retail channels. Social commerce is a great tool for businesses sell their products because it allows for shoppable posts which benefits consumers in their need for convenience. You can expect more social media platforms pivoting social commerce in 2021.

The New Search Engine
Consumers have become more reliant on social media for many of their daily tasks. Whether it’s for news, reviews, or shopping, social media is expected to be increasingly used as a search engine tool by users. As more businesses focus their attention on social media, users are able to find all the answers they need at the tip of their fingertips rather than adventuring on long Google searches.

Communicating Through Messaging
With the obvious need for convenience that users have nowadays, individuals want to get answers quickly and efficiently. Users have already been using messaging apps for years now to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers. But in 2021, messaging apps will be a popular social media tool between businesses and consumers. For instance, if a consumer comes across an ad on Facebook, it will likely be that they will message the business directly through Facebook messenger rather than finding their website, contact information, and calling them.

Customer Service
Everyone dreads making a customer service phone call that may leave them on hold for hours. Social media will become increasingly used for customers as a consumer service tool. Whether it be questions on feed post or direct messaging, customers understand that their favorite brands have an online presence and a new way to be reached.

Understanding the predicted trends for the new year will allow for your business to generate content suitably. If you are a business owner looking to improve your social media strategies, Infoempire can be of assistance. Contact us today to speak with a social media specialist.