WAVETOGET- The loyalty card that guarantees Loyal customers!

InfoEmpire is thrilled tо provide your business this exciting, one of a kind service: personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards.

It is an amazing product which will make sure that your company has new customers and also make sure that your previous customers will always come back

How does it operate?

InfoEmpire provides you with personalized WaveToGet loyalty cards which contain your company's information and logo, loaded with virtual dollars. This means the dollars can only be used when buying from your enterprises and can only be activated when the customer starts buying. This ensures that you don't lose any money. You are at liberty to choose the amount on the card be it $10, $20 or $50 which can be used only with the services and products provided by your company.

How does it help to increase business?

It will attract and cause new clients to make use of this special discount/offer, can only be redeemed at your business and will spur previous clients to come back in order to use the card another time! You can decide to provide those who use the card with "points" implying that they can still save in the future!!

It can also be used as gifts to previous clients, friends, businesses and so on and so forth.

How will it help to save money?

This card will serve as an advertisement and promotional tool so long as it isn't used to buy products or hire services. It is a type of business card which will be in people's pockets as they move around! You could save a lot of money which you were to use in the printing of business cards!

Do they have added advantages?

Yes, they do. They can be used for companies run by both Americans and Canadians which will go a long way to boost sales internationally.