What is lead magnet?

Lead Magnet is free, useful, and instantly downloadable content that you exchange to the client's email. Creating and correctly placing such content is one of the most effective ways to collect a high-quality database of addresses.

There are hundreds of options for lead magnets: guides, checklists, cheat sheets, infographics, reports, video instructions, template sets, and so on.

What tasks can a lead magnet solve along the way?
-The lead magnet does not just get a mailing address for you, with its helps you introduce a potential client to the company/product.
-If your lead magnet turned out to be quite interesting and high-quality, due to the lead magnet you will get an advantage over your competitors.
-You get not only a database of addresses but at the same time a chance to gain trust and, indirectly, the opportunity to increase sales.

Define a purpose
Before you start working on your lead magnet, determine its purpose. Think about why you need it and what benefits you can get from it. Only after the goals are set, start developing a lead magnet.

Develop a portrait of the buyer
The customer profile characterizes the "ideal customer" based on market research and data about customers that your company already has. The main characteristics that should be spelled out in the buyer's portrait are described below:
-social status;
-behavioral models;
Don't try to reach all people at the same time, even if your product is perfect. This approach will not bring the desired result. Remember, the lead magnet should be aimed at a specific buyer.

Determine the value of your offer
Now, imagine yourself in the buyer's place and think about why you would choose your offer. What can your company promise to potential customers? It is much easier to develop an effective value proposition when you know your target audience and the advantages of the product.

Choose the type of lead magnet
Come up with a title that will emphasize the value of the offer. This process may remind you of creating an email subject.

Next, select the type of lead magnet.
First of all, make it simple, short, and clear. Focus on your strengths and show them to your leaders. Emphasize that by taking advantage of your offer, customers will receive an effective and quick solution to their problems. For example, if you provide goods delivery services, specify your main advantages over competitors.

The most common types of lead magnets:
-manuals and reports;
-free trial and demo versions;
-list of resources;
-quizzes, polls, voting, questionnaires, mini-games;
-video tutorials;
-discounts or special offers;
-selling materials

The better the lead magnet is designed, the more effective it will be.
You can place the lead form on the most visited pages of the site. For example, on the home page. You will need to make a lead form or pop-up, that is, come up with a design, title, and text. Then determine the place of the lead form on the site or select pages and triggers for the pop-up.