What is Organic vs. Paid Social Media ?

The world of social media is versatile. When it comes to using social media for your business you may explore both the paid and organic route. It is important to understand the difference between the two before diving into social media marketing.

Organic social media
Using social media organically means to take advantage of the free tools offered on the platform. Typically, this consists of creating posts, commenting, liking, and sharing. Let’s use Instagram as an example. If you were to use Instagram organically, you would be posting content, receiving likes and comments, being able to like and comment on other user’s content, gaining followers, and sharing photo or video stories available for a limited time. You can use additional tools to appear in front of more users such as hashtags. Overall, your followers will be your main viewers, as well as anyone who searches your profile.

Paid social media
Social media platforms have implemented the option to run paid ads. Paid social media gives businesses owners the ability to use the specific platform as a marketing tool for advertising purposes. Conducting social media marketing through paid ads is one of the most effective and efficient tools in advertising. Let’s use Instagram as an example again. Once you create your desired ad, photo or video, the Instagram paid advertising tools allow you to choose your marketing goal, define a set audience, pick a budget and duration, and then gives you an estimate of the results you can expect from this ad.

Which one is better?
The best way to answer this is highly dependent on your goals. Organic social media is great for organic growth; this helps build your brand authentically, create a base of loyal followers, and consistent engagement. Paid social media is great for reaching your target market directly, building brand awareness, gaining leads, and achieving specific marketing goals within a determined period of time. Both have their pros, but we recommend using both organic and paid social media for best results.

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