What is Organic vs. Paid Social Media?

Engaging your audience via social media is a great way to boost your business. Creating engaging content is easy, but reaching your target audience can be difficult. That’s where paid and organic social media come into play. At Infoempire, we encourage our customers to use a combination of both organic and paid social media.

Organic Social Media

The content you post to your social media account is organic. It usually includes posts, pictures, and videos. Content is displayed in your followers' activity feeds, and they are able to share it with their own followers.

As an example, let's look at a small healthcare business that recently opened its first location. The business regularly posts informative content and pictures to its social media channels. These efforts have already helped it build a small following. Additionally, the business consistently uses the hashtag "healthcare" to gain more visibility.

Using organic social media is an excellent way to introduce your brand to your target audience and build customer loyalty. New businesses or those with a limited marketing budget can benefit from this inexpensive solution.

Paid Social Media

With paid social media advertising, you can reach audiences beyond your followers. You only have a few minutes to catch the attention of a potential customer. It is crucial to create an advertisement that is visually appealing and shares your business's value.

Through its organic social media efforts, the healthcare business has seen steady activity and growth in followers. Nonetheless, the business would love to acquire more customers from nearby areas. In order to advertise directly to these individuals, the business launches a paid social media campaign. 

Paid social can boost content, attract new followers, and increase customer loyalty. Although paid social can be expensive, it is an incredibly effective tool for business owners. When your audience grows, your organic social strategy will become more effective. 

Infoempire is ready to help. At Infoempire, we use an integrated social media approach to get impactful results. Learn more about our offerings by visiting our website.

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