Why Do You Need to Switch to Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a free, convenient, and powerful new version of Google's most popular website analytics service. It offers all the features you know and love in Google Analytics 3 – which means you can easily migrate your existing account to get the same benefits of this newer service. If you're ready to jump on board with the new GA4, we'll show you what's changed so your transition will be as smooth as possible with the help of experts from Infoempire.

Benefits Of Google Analytics 4

1. More control over data

The most significant change in the new version of Google Analytics is greater control over data collection. Within a reporting window, all actions to your website will be recorded together, such as a click on a link, a keystroke, or a movement within your shopping cart. Previously, each event was recorded separately. Multiple events are now grouped and displayed as one report on the dashboard.

2. AI-powered insights

Google Analytics 4 has been enhanced with machine learning to understand the disparate pieces of data it is received and report the insights. GA4 can now detect what features are most important and less relevant to keep your customers engaged and make suggestions to improve user experience.

3. All measurements are events

Data collection has been simplified. GA4 handles all actions to your website through Google Tag Manager and integrates those actions with existing analytics events to provide a more robust picture of user behavior across the site.

4. Friendlier interface

The interface has been redesigned to be easier for you to explore and understand your data. Google Analytics 4 uses a new visual interface with bright colors and intuitive navigation that allows you to dig deeper into your data.

Should I switch to Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is similar to Google Analytics 3 but has streamlined how data is collected and analyzed to be more intuitive and user-friendly. Google Analytics 4 also eliminates extra plug-ins for more advanced features that were once required. It would help if you switched to GA4 to take advantage of the new features and learn more about your customers and their behaviors.

By switching to Google Analytics 4, you gain the power to drill down even further into your data and make better decisions based on insightful analytics. Contact Infoempire professionals in case of any issues, questions, or concerns.